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Erin Narey

Community Herbalist: Tarot Reader

As a community herbalist I'm fascinated by the co-evolution of plants and humans. My herbal practice includes growing medicinal plants and formulating small-batch teas, tinctures, and syrups to promote plant-based wellness, as well as offering classes, workshops, and personal consultations to share evidence-based herbal traditions throughout the community. Black Rabbit Herbal is a “slow herbalism” practice backed by years of hands-on learning, apothecary training, course completion, and conferences with renowned practitioners of the world's oldest, most revered herbal traditions. Professional memberships include the American Herbalists Guild (associate), Herbalists Without Borders, and the Herbal Collaborative of Herbalist's Harvest.

To schedule a consultation, learn about events, classes and workshops, or browse small-batch teas and tinctures, please visit http://www.BlackRabbitHerbal.comAs a tarot reader, I help clients examine issues, aspects, and opportunities in their lives through the lens of collective wisdom reflected in folklore, culture, and storytelling.

Black Rabbit Tarot uses imagery, archetypes, and symbolism to help clients discover patterns, processes, and perspectives in their lives. We draw cards from a diverse range of references including Appalachian folk conjure, pop culture, Black- and woman-crafted decks, as well as Queer and nonbinary representation. Curious? Learn more at www.BlackRabbitTarot.com.

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