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Stephanie Smith, PharmD, CHC

Owner, Master Her Health

Stephanie Smith is a Doctor of Pharmacy and Certified Health Coach. She has taught herself to recover from burnout, autoimmune conditions and years of dieting. Once working as a Clinical Pharmacist at fast paced university hospitals, Stephanie suffered from exhaustive stress, low energy, and anxiety

. As an Integrative Health Coach she helps busy women get more energy, reverse their symptoms of stress, and reset their metabolism. Now, Stephanie lives her life with joy by cooking delicious meals, skiing, and going on crazy adventures with her family. Stephanie’s free gift is a Step-By-Step Guide to Reclaim Your Energy: https://bit.ly/reclaimyourenergynow. \

515 Bay Street

Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819

(the former Ralston Purina Building)


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